God Stone




A rare opportunity for psychonauts who won’t find this product anywhere else, Integral Alchemist’s unique creation God Stone is a solid crystal blend of DMT and syrian rue harmalas (MAOI) in the optimum ratio for vaping ayahuasca-like journeys. These two medicines work well together by easing you into hyperspace and allowing you to continue vaping without the DMT losing effectiveness, so you can journey for as long as you want to give the medicine more time to work. The syrian rue eases your nerves and provides a longer, more relaxing ride than pure DMT, that is slightly sedative. Each .7 gram God Stone is purely 525mg n,n,DMT + 175mg syrian rue harmalas sufficient for up to 15 extended breakthrough experiences. It is best vaporized in a vaporizer for concentrates or dabbed with low heat at a dose of approximately 30-100+mg. Effects may last up to 45 minutes.