NMT + DMT vape cart



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Integral Alchemist’s ACACIA carts come loaded with 650mg of an n,methyltryptamine/n,n,dimethyltryptamine blend that is extracted in their natural ratio from acacia confusa root bark that work synergistically to produce a different experience than either tryptamine on its own. The pair comes on smoother than pure DMT, allowing for a gentler entry into hyperspace and relaxing come down.  It is absorbed and felt within seconds so you can regulate your experience with each pull, journeying at your own comfort of intensity. While slightly less intense than our MIMOSA carts, it is longer acting and felt more in the body, with effects lasting up to 45 minutes. Powerful enough for breakthroughs (up to 15 per cart). These carts make sharing the medicine easier than other methods of administration and convenient to continue vaping while on your journey without having to fiddle with lighters or tricky apparatus. Comes in child proof case.