About Integral Alchemist

It has been said that we cannot solve our current global problems with the same consciousness that created them. Therefore, it is the mission of Integral Alchemist to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness by providing the mind medicines of the mimosa hostilis, acacia confusa, and syrian rue plants to help bring about a new way of living on Earth in symbiosis. This comes after experiencing the powerful healing and transformative effects of DMT from different plant sources over many years as a psychedelic voyager and chemist. Now Integral Alchemist offers the widest variety of naturally made DMT medicinal products through two unique lines:

  • MIMOSA – contains primarily n-n-dimethyltryptamine extracted from mimosa hostilis root bark.
mimosa hostilis


  • ACACIA – contains a blend of n-methyltryptamine and n-n-dimethyltryptamine extracted in their natural ratio from acacia confusa root bark.
acacia confusa


While similar in effects, the longer acting ACACIA provides heightened spacial awareness that is felt more in the body than the shorter more visually intense MIMOSA, though both will break you through to hyperspace. For changa, pharmahuasca, and god stone, Integral Alchemist combines DMT and/or NMT with syrian rue harmalas (harmine and harmaline), which are natural monoamine oxidase inhibitors that potentiate psychedelic tryptamines and lengthen their duration, giving the medicine more time to work, as well as make DMT and NMT orally active in pharmahuasca for longer deeper ayahuasca-like journeys.

peganum harmala (syrian rue)


Take care to use the medicine in a proper set and setting, and do not combine it with other drugs/medications.